Crescent Sun Records

If you believe in your music we believe in your music!
Be heard

We provide Mixing, Mastering, Production and Distribution Services specializing in the Singer Songwriter and Home recording Artist.

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from idea to the speakers

If you believe in your music, we believe in your music. We can help you take you music from scribbles on paper to be available to the world.  Budget is always a concern that hold many singer songwriters back and it can be overwhelming but we have various solutions that handle everything thing from larget budgets to even no budget.


Our mixing Enviornment is both "In the Box" and outboard Hardware based giving us a full Hybrid solution to make your home recordings and productions sounds the best they possibly can..


We can master in house or prepare the appropriate files for you send send to a mastering engineer of your choice.  We can master any delivery format or distribution media.


Production is the real time consuming element which can weigh heavy on your budget.  We can provide gentle production ideas for you to implement or take on the entire Production process.


We provide all files and formats for you to use your own distrubution sevice or we can handle that all for you using our Label via DistroKid.